The purpose of the charity is to grant wishes to make smiles glow on the faces of the nominated children. The charity purpose is to provide gifts or family trips that will also include the siblings and parents, this allows quality time together often missed when the child with the illness is in hospital for long periods of time. If the child is too poorly to go onto a family trip then a gift of their choice can be provided along with a mascot visit to present the gift.

Matts Mission Children Charity is also keen to get children involved and inspired and encourages them to help raise funds and become aware of the children that they are supporting and they often get to meet the children as well, the children involved are known as Mini Missioners. 

The charity Manager Matt and Safeguarding Officer Jenny often go out to Hospices and Hospitals and Special Need Schools to visit and provide toys and things needed and also visit after doing appeals for over Christmas and Easter and other special occasions. 

It all does depend on funds being raised so it is important that supporters help as much as they can in order for the charity to keep up the work being carried out. The charity can also help set up pages for a child for the family to raise funds for them and once funds come into the charity funds can be sent to each family to help the child. The charity also supports with funeral costs and can support with counselling.

Staying in touch with families on the journey is what the charity is all about as well and contact with the families is what keeps the charity updated on the progress of each child that the charity supports and the charity will help the families during the journey and after, for example when the child goes into remission.