Who is matt behind Matts Mission Children's Charity?
Matt is a dedicated fundraiser who previously raised £12,000 for the Birmingham Children's Hospital Oncology ward in 2009-2011 before starting to raise funds to set up his own charity in 2011. Matt achieved many things in these 3 years including a 15,000 feet skydive, and he also reached the top of the summit climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa Tanzania and had no training. Matt also put on 3 entertainment shows for the public and arranged many acts to perform on the night. Matt has also supported with Medicines and Machines and toys for ward 15 and has also done many visits to other wards too and took presents to cheer up the children through this tough time. Matt does his research and finds out about families needing support and makes sure he puts everything into making the families wishes come true. 

Who inspired Matt to start fundraising and why did Matt set up and register his own charity?
Matt was told by his grandad in 2009 that his grandad had been diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, this inspired Matt and he wanted to do some thing to try to support other people that were going through the same as his grandad, Matt just wanted to make him proud. The reason Matt went onto set up his own charity was so that he could see where the money raised was going and the difference that it made, Matt also wanted to be able to see the smiles upon the children's faces and for himself it was his mission and a personal dream which he is now living and at £42,000 now raised and respected by many people that dream continues. In order to set the charity up Matt needed to raise £5,000 to show the charity commission that he was able to do it and that he meant business. Funds are important to keep the charity going to awareness and support and sponsors are vital. 

What does the charity actually do? how does the charity make a difference to families and the community?
Matts Mission Children's Charity has one simple aim and is all about ''Making Smiles Glow'' the charity organizes events so that funds can be raised and then all money is banked into a charity business account run by the accountant of the charity. Nominations come in via phone, email, social network sites or the website. Checks are carried out by making a phone call to the hospital the child is having treatment at or the special needs school the child attends, this is too make sure that every penny given is worthwhile. The charity provides between £30-£50 on presents to one child that may be in hospital and unable to leave due to being sick or life limited child with Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, Brain Damage, or any other life limited condition. If the child has been in hospital and has spent long periods of time inside and brothers and sisters and parents have had to be with them for so long in hospital as well then a family trip will be provided of there choice so that they can have the quality time together for the day and to make it extra special, vip trips take place to make them feel special, things such as safari park and feeding the animals or a hummer to take them onto that trip for the day. I believe the charity makes a massive difference because it takes the families mind off what is going on and it really does give them some thing to look forward to other than a trip to the hospital. 

How can people get involved and help raise funds for the charity? is the charity only a local charity?
Anyone can take part in raising money for the charity and you do not have to be experienced, a registration form will need to be filled out first along with name address and contact number and any convictions that may result in any danger to the charity, this is all procedure and makes sure that money raised is secure and will come back to the charity as sadly a lot of scams do go on out in the world. Collections at your work place or child's school or sponsors from your companies can take place, it is not easy to get people involved but if you tell them all about the charity I am sure they will support you in your own little mission in helping to make children's smiles glow. Matts Mission takes pride in supporting volunteers and always makes them feel a part of a growing family with in the charity. Matt knows that in order to make the charity grow support does need to be there from supporters and companies even though it is Matts over all dream, nobody ever gives negative feed back about the charity because every one sees exactly what the charity does. The charity is based in Birmingham but areas all over Birmingham are covered when supporting the children, the charity does also go out to London and the likes of Bristol and other cities as well. The charity supported Great Ormond Street in London not to long back and visited over easter and took 75 easter eggs onto the oncology ward and met the families. If any one in other cities or countries want to raise funds for the charity then that money can be given to a child in your area. 

How do we know that money raised will be spent on the children? surely you take some kind of wage from this?
Every penny that has been raised fundraising for Matts Mission Children's Charity has been accounted for, a finance and book keeper is in place who deals with the accounts and bank statements and receipts and every single supporter of the charity with in facebook and twitter always sees the images of the trips and presents and collections and is always told about money that is raised, this is why the charity is so respected. A lot of people do some times think that Matt and supporters to the charity must take a wage, the answer to this is no! admin costs are not taken out and every thing for that is paid through supporters of the charity with there own money, at times the charity will account for travel costs to meetings and for attending collections but this is minor and all receipts for this are sent to the accountant. Feedback from parents and children is always given and all permission forms are signed by parents to allow to use photos for publication and on social media networking sites in order to promote the charity so that more people become aware of it and more families can be supported and more funds can be raised. 

What is Matts long term aims for the charity? what is the overall dream? what is next for matts mission children's charity?
The dream for Matt in 2009 was to make his grandad proud, little did he know he would go onto register and raise £12,000 and take on some fantastic challenges, the dream was then about raising £10,000 but this recently become £20,000 2009-2012, now 2015 it stands at around £42,000 raised for the charity. Another dream for Matt was always to one day maybe 2015 have his own charity and be able to have some thing to be proud of for himself as well as his grandad who has always been his inspiration. Matt achieved this in 2012 by raising £5,000 with the support of a few good friends that helped support at collections when events took place at supermarkets. Matt also came in contact with two amazing people called Daniel and Emma who have become very good friends.