Blog as of March 2015

Banner and Posters and Flyers printed and collected 02.04.2015
Brand new Banner featuring Ruby who has Cancer Neuroblastoma and is aged just 2 years old. 1000 Flyers and 500 Posters also collected. This will now kick start the awareness and help raise funds at collections all over the west midlands in an attempt to raise the figure needed which is around £10,000.

Millie Safari Park 28.03.2015
Family trip to the Safari Park today in which Millie and her family were taken. Millie mother and sister and brother. The day started by the children being given goodie bags with colouring books and other bits. Once arrived the children were taken to the shop and each got gifts each. They then went to get some food and also went on some rides. It was then time to go and see and feed the animals and take lots of photos. Millie is battling Cancer and recently diagnosed and she has been in hospital a lot and the family have not had much time together to do anything so it was a great chance for them to share that time together. All the best Millie keep strong and keep smiling.

Princess Hair Donation Event 07.03.2015
Day has finally arrived. Early start but everything in order. Got to the hotel at Hogarths Solihull and the manager has upgraded the room for Ruby family to stay the night and has also said they can support with press releases in the papers to help with awareness. The hotel were great through out the day and very supporting donating the venue for free as well. It has taken a lot of hard work to get companies on board to support for free and very little has had to be spent. Balloons donated as well as Chair Covers and Bows, Sashes, Cakes, Goodies, Trophies and Tiarahs were purchased for each of the 13 children taking part on the event and donating their hair. Thank you to all involved in helping to make the event a great sucess and help raise funds towards the Lapland Appeal for 2015. Ruby and Imogen who are both fighting Cancer were the special guests. Film crew and Photographer also supported as well as a Frozen Show and Dancers and Singers and Kids Entertainment, Total still not in yet but a couple of grand was raised.