Matts Mission Children Charity was founded in 2011 and registered on 7th March 2012. Matt previously raised £12,000 for the local hospital Oncology before setting up the charity and now over £42,000 has been raised at the point of March 2015.

In order to register the charity £5,000 needed to be raised and Matt achieved this by arranging Supermarket collections at the likes of Tesco, Marks and Spencers, and stores such as Hmv.

Having already raised funds by previusly completing a 15000 Feet Skydive and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and putting on entertainment shows Matt was determined to keep raising as much funds as possible and took on other challenges such as Cycles to London dressed as Robin 12 hours 124 miles, Walk to Somerset dressed as Mickey Mouse with partner dressed as Minnie over 5 days walking. Matt also took on Mount Everest and many more shows have been put on such as Party in the Dark.

The charity also puts on events for occassions such as Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and has two campaigns one called Smile in a Box in which children design show boxes and fill with goodies and assentials and they support families in hospital or hospices or those in care. The campaign has made local press and local news when it launched in 2014 and the charity supported the victims of the floods in Somerset. The other campaign is called Kids helping Kids Mini Missioners and is all about inspiring young children to get involved to help raise funds.

An annual event is put on called Princess Hair Donations in which young children donate hair to help make wigs at the little Princess Trust. 

Two funerals have been supported and the first one the charity supported was for a young girl and the charity sorted a Princess Horses and Carriage as well as suit for the girls brother and Canvas and Cake and Balloons. 

Many families trips have taken place to places such as the Safari Park, Theatres, Football Stadiums, Circus, Pantermines, Theme Parks, Shows such as Disney on Ice and Jessie J and Justin Timberlake, Nail Salons and Hair Salons. Many gifts have also been given such as Trampolines, toys, clothes, Mini Cooper Battery Operated Cars and more. 

The charity frequently gets feedback from families who have had a wish come true and are always very happy and cant thank the charity enough. The charity also has companies supporting with printing and cakes and others helping to raise funds. Gregs stores are one of the previous sponsors of the charity.

Annual family trips to Winter Wonderland happen as well in which the children are taken to London Hyde Park and get to meet Santa and go Ice Skating and to the Circus and Ice Kingdon and onto rides and are given gifts to open on the way home. in 2015 the charity appeal is to go to Lapland with some families.