The charity is always doing blogs to let supporters know about what is going on with in the charity and how they can get involved, every now and then videos are recorded to share onto the official Facebook page and Youtube. Videos are also captured during family trips to capture the moments and from events put on to raise funds. Some parents and children also often talk on the videos so that others about to go onto a trip can see what to expect or for new sponsors to see what the charity is all about. Permission to record and use videos are given and the videos are copy right of the charity only for fundraising and awareness purposes.

Below are some videos that the charity has recorded.

Ruby Turner mom talks about her daughter and her disability - The charity helped raise over £580 for sensory equipment.

Lapland 2015 Appeal Video - 2 year old Ruby features in the video, she is fighting Cancer Neuroblastoma.

Smile in a Box Campaign -Showing how to complete and design a box and what to fill it with. (Supporting the homeless on this occasion)

Halloween Event - This is an example of the sort of events the charity puts on.

Princess Hair Donation Events - These are videos showing what the children do when donating hair and being princesses for the day.

Fireworks Night at Drayton Manor Theme Park - Five Families were taken.

Matts Blogs - Some Blogs Matt has recorded to share with you all since the charity formed.

Easter Visit to Great Ormond Street - Some videos captured during the visit to the Oncology Ward in London.

Amelia Trampoline - Amelia Trampoline was slashes by yobs so the charity got her a brand new one so she can carry on her physio as she has Cystic Fibrosis.

Tommy family trip to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Theme Park - Tommy is battling Meningitis.

Supporting a fundraising event for a mother than sadly passed away - The charity took gifts for her children that she left behind.

Twins Ethan and Kei - Pantermine and Hummer family trip.

Kilimanjaro 2010 - Video from Matt climbing the Mountain.

Grotto at Asda over Christmas - Fundraising Event.

Clothes Shoot - Charity Clothing.

Ben and Brooke Wish - Surprised by Batman and Robin turning up at their home in a Hummer and taking them to the Circus.

Matt on the Radio with BBC WM and Switch Radio.

*The charity does not always take videos at events or family trips but you can see photos on the official Facebook page shown on the home page of the website*