Kids helping kids Matts Mission Children’s charity is all about supporting children and making smiles glow. An objective of ours is to get as many children in the community involved in helping sick children. The children majority of the time love getting involved and when they find out about the children being poorly they really do love to get involved and make the children smile. 

School Involvement: 
1. Odd Sock day- wear odd socks to school and every child donate £1 for taking part, simple and the children can giggle about it at the same time, maybe a small prize given by the teacher for the funniest pair of socks warn.

2. Casual clothes day- Wear none uniform to school or hold theme days and every child donates £1.

3. Get your child’s school to contact local stores to hold collections and bag packs and the children can take part and raise funds.

4. Show time- The children can put on a show in school and sell tickets to their parents to watch.

5. Car Wash- Get donations from teachers and parents for washing their car, possible do this one dinner time or after school.There are lots of ideas and fundraising events that children can get involved in, have a think and get together with friends and think of some wacky creative fun ways of raising funds. Go to the contact page and register your schools interest. In the past children have got involved by having their hair chopped or shaved for the charity and done things such as making cakes and selling them. The children’s involvement is a big part for Matts Mission Children’s charity and a lot of children appreciate how fortunate they are. For the older students leaving schools it is also a great way of getting experience and looks great on their CV.