Welcome to Matts Mission Children's Charity. It gives me great pleasure in welcoming you all to the website of Matts Mission Children’s Charity. A dedicated charity that was formed by Matt in October 2011 and registered March 2012. The charities aim is to 'Make Smiles Glow’ by making wishes come true, providing gifts to children in hospital and special need schools and also Hospices. The charity aim is to give family v.i.p trips so that they can have quality time together which is often lost when the child is in hospital. The charity also supports the siblings as they also go through many emotions when their brother or sister is poorly as well. The charity supports severely disabled, and life limited children and children with life threarening illnesses. Gifts as part of the child wish is also give as well and the charity often supports families with funerals as well or setting up pages for children in need of funds. 

The charity is always looking at ways to support families and this can include supporting with counseling and if the worst possible should happen then the charity will look to support special send offs as well with princess and prince horse and carriage. The charity has two campaigns, one is called ''Kids Helping Kids Mini Missioners'' this is all about children getting involved feeling inspired and encouraging them from a young age, this is done by annual hair donation events for example in which the children donate hair to make wigs for children fighting cancer. The other campaign is ''Smile in a Box'' this is where children can design carboard boxes and put things into them so the charity can support appeals for those in need such as parents in hospital.

Many sponsors are now getting involved with the charity as they see first hand the difference that is made and the supporters of the charity see everything carried out and images with permission of parents are used so that many people are inspired by the children and the charity and want to get involved. 

In the first 3 years around £41,000 has been raised from collections and events and donations. The charity is always looking for supporters to put on their own events so please if you do feel inspired then get in touch.

Thank you very much for stopping by and checking out the charity.

Best Wishes,
Matt Denning
Founder and Managing Director.