Apply for a wish: Nominating a child - when sending in a nomination to the charity for a child to have a wish or gift or trip for the family, all information stated must be correct and must be true and honest at the time of sending it into the charity, if anything stated is proved not to be correct and the charity is not notified of any changes straight away to the health of the child then this could result in the application being void. 

An explanation will be sent at all times regarding a decision that will be made by the managing director Matt Denning and the Treasurer and trustee members of the charity who will decide on what can be sorted and accepted. 

No children will ever be turned away if they are poorly and in need of a glowing smile but children that are life limited and seriously ill will be given priority. It all depends on funds available at the time. 

Children from birth up to the age of 16 will be supported with a wish or gift or family trip. Medical details are needed so that the charity can run security checks. Please be aware that the charity will contact your child's GP or Hospital with your permission so that these checks can be carried out. 

Matts Mission Children's Charity will always do the best for the child being nominated, parents and siblings will be supported as well and the charity can do family trips if the child is well enough. It is important that the charity is informed if both parents are in contact with the child that is poorly and how many siblings there are. 

Please state what the child's wish is and the charity will do it's very best to make that wish come true. Please also state if the child would like a present and delivered to them or a family trip sorted instead. Matt and/or the safeguarding officer will attend trips and be their if needed for any assistence such as funds for items such as food/drink or any first aid, a photographer can also be in attendance as well to capture them magical moments for you to treasurer forever.