Riley wish comes true -Matts Mission Children charity - 14 October 2014.

Riley has Sbs....short gut syndrome.

Hes only got 19cm left on top bowel an 18cm on bottom bowel so 35cm left out of the 250cm a new born baby has not sure if its grown or how much it has grown but ya bowel does grow with you.

Despite being in and out of hospital and numerous operations and covered in tubes and difficult to eat foods he is still a happy little boy. As always the family had the chance to give up to 3 wishes and the first is always sorted if possible and the wish was a Rabbit and the hutch was provided and food and treats. The family then were taken to the Indian restaurant where I bought Riley parents some champagne as well as a treat and then a meal for them all including Ruby Riley sister who has also been effected with her Brother illness like most siblings it is a big change in there lives.

The family were very pleased, Ruby wanted Matt to stay, Riley was full of smiles as the photos show. The Rabbit is called Mr Sniffles named by Ruby.

Thierry Disney on Ice Dare to Dream family trip Halloween. 31 October 2013.

For a while now Matt had wanted to do something for this amazing family who Matt has had the pleasure of knowing for many years, and when one of the children was too poorly to attend this show Matt then decided to take Thierry instead.

Although gutted that Owen could not attend he will still get a nice treat when he is well enough but he did not long back get a visit from Batman and Robin with a Mickey teddy and gift for his sister, Owen has Menkes which also includes Brain Damage. Get well soon Owen x

Moving forward Matt wanted to make sure that the tickets went to another special family and that family was Thierry and his mom and daughter and aunty who have been through so much heartache having lost little baby Kamron. Kam died having been taken in the most tragic of ways at the hands of a monster who was trusted by the mother of Kam and Thierry was only aged 3 years old when it happened and not only lost his brother but his mom was arrested unfairly for 3 months apart from him, quality time was missed and Matts Mission Children's Charity -Making Smiles Glow today wanted to give some of that quality time lost back.

Mickey Mouse came with Matt to collect them and Thierry and his sister got gifts at the show which included food/drink and flashing toys and drinking cups. It was lovely to see Thierry smiling and for him to share the trip with his family and allow him to forget for the day just what happened to his brother.
The full permission to talk about the tragic loss of Kamron and permission for photos have been given by Thierry mom Sarah and aunty Stacey. Please like and share the charity page they have as they are close to registering there own charity which I am million percent behind having previously raised money and donated to them. Sharing Kams Cuddles Rip Kamran Rose 

The link about what happened to Kamron is online here but be warned it may be upsetting to most.

Sarah Louise Edwards

I would like to say a massive thank you to matts mission who took us to Disney on ice today. . It was a treat for thierry and I after everything he has bern through since his brother died, his had to grow up so quick and deal with things most adults havent gone through. . We had so much fun and and had a fantastic time. Im always happy wen I see him smile.. we are truly grateful Matt.

Stacey Kaidey Rose

Had an amazing time at disney on ice all thanks to matts mission thierry loved It too.. thank you ♡

Owen Wish and visit for TJ - 20 October 2013.

This morning despite coming back late from the Jessie J concert with another child and wish, Matt decided to go and visit Owen once had sorted with his mom, it was a long train journey to Northampton where we spent the whole day visiting Owen with gifts from the Disney store in Birmingham Bullring where we was at prior to going to Northampton. 

Batman and Robin also handed over tickets as the family, mom, dad, sister and Owen are going to see Disney on Ice at the NIA on the 23rd October as Owen special wish as he loves Disney. Owen has Menkes Disease which leaves him in a wheel chair and Brain Damage but the smile he always has on his face is priceless.

After the visit to Owen we called on on TJ who was previously supported with his wish coming true of a Mini Cooper which he chose himself in toys r us a few months back, his mom told him Batman and Robin was coming for tea so we went around and had food with him and spoke with him and had photos. Great feedback from the parents and also from everyone that had photos and met us today. 

Jessie J at the LG arena Birmingham 18th Oct 2013.

Maria is an amazing young girl who has been battling Cancer. She continues to smile and even though she is having Chemo treatment which knocks her about she is so strong.

The tickets were originally for another little girl but she could not make it and the other little girl become poorly so Matt then decided to ask if Maria would like to go and Matt spoke with her mother.

Little did Matt know that it is a year to the day that Maria was diagnosed with Cancer so this trip was lovely for her and even though already supported earlier on in the year when she had her nail art done at the salon in town and was given New Look clothes outfits, she deserved the tickets tonight, she is a massive fan.

Matt did try his best to sort out meeting Jessie J and Matt contacted management in London and emailed them and spoke with them but Matt had to await email back but did not have his phone working as the battery went, Matt explained to box office and stewards and then finally Matt seen a security man backstage around the corner, it looked promising for the first few hours as Matt stayed in the rain and waiting for that yes for Maria to meet Jessie but the last few minutes someone came out and said cant happen so that was that, Matt asked for autograph instead for her but that could not be done neither.

Maria has a beaming smile on her face and was very excited. She purchased a poster and t-shirt with spends given and then before the concert food and drinks were provided.

Lissie Rose wish for cards and crafts - 9 September 2013.

Lissie Rose is one special inspirational little girl who is living with a Brain Tumor, a nomination came in to help her Matt sent 500 cards for her to make herself cards to sell in hospital with stickers felts glue stencils and other crafts. The stickers are for Halloween and Christmas to make lovely cards. Below is the message she sent me.

''I had a wonderful surprise when i got home i had lots of craft thing sent to me from Matt's mission there were five boxes of cards a book with lots of Christmas stickers in a stencil set of letters some glitter and two sheets of Christmas stickers thank you Matt i love all my things
I will post pictures''

Jaks Wish/Visit Matt's Mission Children charity - 31st August 2013.

Jak has been battling throat cancer and has a special visit to make that smile glow. What an amazing day with Jaks wish and his family. He got the race bike and helmet used from the London Cycle event and was brill on it, then the family went to mcdonalds and then the Jungle Zoo and he was allowed to feed the animals VIP. Then the family went to the beach built sand castles and collected shells, got the kids ice creams and buckets and spades then played football then the kids went on donkeys for a ride then arcades before Matt went for the train home, The kids all said they had a great day.

Glowing Smiles for Tommy Loren and his family- Drayton Manor Theme Park. 28 August 2013.

Tommy was diagnosed with systemic onset juvenile arthritis may 2013 at 18 months old, Matt first met Tommy and his family at Party in the Dark which was Music Festival put on for 10 families and guests. Tommy and his family went to Drayton Manor Park on Bank holiday Monday.

Tommy family trip to Drayton Manor Theme Park Thomas Land - Taken at Drayton Manor Theme Park. 3 August 2013.

Tommy attended as a vip guest at a show put on on 27th July, Matt said he would take them on a family trip and sorted to take them in a hummer collected from home and then they stayed in the Manor Hotel over night and had a meal and character breakfast and then the whole day in the theme park. Tommy has Meningitus diagnosed 5 months old and sadly lost his arms and legs, his an inspirational amazing lad. Tommy played with his ball and balloon then went to Thomas Land and the zoo and his brother dad and sister had fun to in the theme park, was lovely to see them so happy. They also got character breakfast during the morning as well.

Matt's Mission surprise trip for Maria- Hummer and Nails/Clothes - 6 July 2013.

Maria aged 15 was diagnosed with Cancer in October. Her family recently found out about the charity and added the page and told Matt about Maria, Matt could not wait to meet her and make her smile glow. As always Matt asked her mother what it is she is into and was told nail art, Matt was going to take her a nail art kit but decided instead to surprise the whole family with the charities sponsor Hummer company Home James picking them all up and taking them to the House of Fraser, Matt and the charities photographer met the family and made sure Maria was spoilt and looked after. Maria and the family are very keen to support the charity as well and as long as Maria is well enough she will be involved to take her mind off things. Another Mission Success. Lovely feedback from the mother as well. 

Matts Mission Children's charity-Amelia new Trampoline - 10 June 2013.

Beautiful Amelia was just months old when Matt supported a fundraising event put on for her, gifts were taken and lots of children on the Cystic Fibrosis ward at Birmingham Children's Hospital were smiling as Batman and Robin visited them, now a few years later Amelia has been even more poorly in hospital, Her mum made Matt aware of yobs slashing her trampoline as well as the kids bikes being taken and other tires slashed. Amelia needs the trampoline for physio, I set about looking for a brand new pink one with the support of the charities special needs ambassador who managed to get a discount from toys r us. Myself and charity photographer was invited to the house today where it was set up for her, Amelia loved helping as well and even did Matt a nice cup of tea in her minnie kitchen and cooked Matt chicken, she gave cuddles and a big kiss and it was such a lovely feeling to know she will again be able to smile and have her physio while having fun. Another Mission Completed.

Matts Mission Children's charity-Special memorial for Levi Blu - 9 June 2013.

A nomination came in to do something special for a family of a child who was cruely taken by a monster and left the family in a world of pain, a special memorial was sorted for the family and we were invited to the home today, such an amazing brave lady, she kept thanking the charity but this is what the charity is about, making smiles glow but also supporting families who have lost a child as well. Justice 4 Levi.

Courtney shopping spree and Hair Salon and food. 6 May 2013.

Batman and Robin surprised Courtney Rogers and took her to new look where she was welcomed by the store manager and had the choice of the whole shop to pick a few outfits and then was taken to mcdonalds and then she had her hair done at a salon in the town. Courtney was nominated after her mum sadly passed away with cancer and really needed a glowing smile and to take her mind off it for the day.

Matts Mission Children's charity- Heavenly Sea Life Centre. 5 May 2013.

In all the 4 years of fundraising Matt has done some crazy things but this was new one for him, Hello Kitty haha! getting changed in the mens toilet of the sea life centre and scaring the man on the way in as Matt left! Heavenly had a lovely surprise visit from Hello Kitty and her and her brother sister and parents went into the sea life centre. Sadly it was bit of a nightmare day, Heavenly who has not been out in over 8 months due to her cancer and other illnesses, this was bit much for her, the family wanted this as her wish but she sadly ended up being taken into hospital, right from the start she didn't look well and was upset but glad to say shes ok now and another trip will be done and sea life kindly refunded the funds as well.

Euan surprise visit at school from Batman and Robin - 22 April 2013. Gift and Mcdonalds for his Birthday.

Surprising a young lad on his Birthday by going into his school with his class mates there to, we took batman and robin gifts for him and then took him to mcdonalds, the children's parents and teachers loved it to, the young lad is the brother of cody who sadly passed away last year, the young lad who matts mission provided the memorial for. Amazing lad who will never be forgotten. Euan was also taken to Mcdonalds by the duo which he loved.

Matthew gets a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny - 28 March 2013.

Nomination that came in from Matthew mother: Dear Easter Bunny,I was wondering if you would consider my severely autistic son and his sister. Maybe I should explain a little about Matthew my son, he is severely autistic and has never spoken and may never, last year after 15 operations to clear his bowels he had major surgery to remove part of his bowel, unfortunately 10 days after his surgery he was becoming desperately ill, a ct revealed our worst fears, Matthews bowel had burst and he was being poisoned, he was taken down to theatre through the night in a 9hr surgery, after a serious reaction to his antibiotics and a major reaction to 2 blood transfusions Matthew seemed to be recovering but his bowel was so badly damaged he has been left with a colostomy bag for life, we spent over 2mths a Birmingham Childrens Hospital, his bowel developed another hole and this may be the start of crohns disease his consultant says and still needs more tests, in all of this his 8yr old sister has endured major emotional trauma too and she still remained my lil angel guiding me through. Matthew will be 12 on Saturday a birthday last year we never knew if he would see, he has had 5 majors surgeries after the 15 he first had and I feel Matthew and his younger sister would love a visit if you aren't too inundated with requests, please consider my two precious children, he was so brave I still haven't come to terms with what he went through. Matt visited and interacted with Matthew.

Matts Mission Easter Visits to special schools and hospitals - 26 March 2013.

Amazing schools, Beaufort, Sanctuary, Merstone, Forest Oak, Langley, Brays, New cross hospital, Heartlands and Birmingham Children's Hospital. Over 1000 children had glowing smiles, the one child never interacts usually and came and gave Buzz big cuddle and kiss. Bunny, Buzz, Ben 10 did the visits to hundreds of children.

Disney on Ice for Jessica 24 February 2013 - NEC

Jessica is 6 years of age and suffers from muscular dystrophy, scoliosis, ketotic hypoglyceamia and brittle weak bones. shes a happy little girl but is in hospital several times a month for various things including infusions for bone strenghtening and is due to have major surgery to have metal rode's inserted either side of her spine. Jessica Birthday was also supported with Princess Cake and Princess Snow White Pampering Party.

Words from Jessica mom about myself and the charity.

ok considering we asked for a treat for jessica and joshua at such short notice u really pulled it off matt and went above and beyond our expectations. the limo vip treatment was absouluty amazing the kids danced laughed and enjoyed them selves and all our stress disappeared for a short while. jessicas smile when we turned up at disney on ice wow that truly was priceless sooooo a big thank you to u matt and matts mission for making jessica smile i cannit thank u enough. x

Princess Jessica Beautiful send off 06 February 2013.

Special day for a special beautiful princess. Matt came by the family on a friends status and just new he had to support them, every thing that was sorted really did make a massive difference to the family. Horses and Carriage, Suit for Jessica sibling brother, Canvas, Balloons, Cake, Banner. It was perfect for her. Also took her brother to get some gifts and a suit before hand.

Cody's Memorial. 

Special wish for a family who lost their son to cancer, the charity decided to give the family something to remember young Cody by who sadly lost his battle with Cancer and gained his wings, amazing lad who will always be in the memories, this was also delivered to his memorial alongside his mother who invited Matt.

Three Families taken to Winter Wonderland London Hyde Park 24 December 2012.

Amazing day in winter wonderland with Amelia Sharna Rees and family, Maisy Danielle Burns and family, Fallon Lisa Thomas and family. From meet and greet with Minnie and Mickey Bonnies Mascots Castle's sitting on the coach with the kids, watching Christmas films on the way and playing songs. Having snacks and handing over presents and hats and gloves and coloring books. Aston Manor Coaches were fantastic giving us a VIP 49 seater coach brand new, same driver as last year who is fantastic too. Rides when we arrived and party poppers for group photo. Ice skating, Ice Kingdom, Santa World, Giant Wheel, Food and DVDs and coloring on the way. Certainly made their Christmas.

Jeannine Harvey fundraiser night 8 December 2012.

Supporting her children with signed Liverpool kit and gifts for her other children. Jeannine passed away with Cancer and her children needed a glowing smile.

Three Families taken to Disney on Ice at the NIA 03 November 2012.

Having been told that Disney on Ice was on at the NIA Matt's Mission went and bought tickets for some families to attend and took them to see the show One child was close to death having been knocked down by a car, had lots of hospital treatment and on life support aged 3. Another girl called Fallon has cancer. One family had to pull out as the little girl was rushed back into hospital, she has cancer. Georgia having fallen off a swing was in Birmingham Children's Hospital the morning of the show she was discharged but is left with bolts in her head and body. Present each for the children and meet greet with characters.

James and Jake trip to the Safari park vip style 25 June 2012.

James has Aspergers and Jake has Leigh's Disease. Jake is in a wheelchair. The charity organised for the family to go to the West Midlands Safari Park and The family got to feed the Sea Lions as well as other animals. 

Great Ormond Street Oncology Ward 140 easter eggs donated. 22 April 2012.

Batman and Robin and Spiderman and Black Cat and Super Girl all visited the Oncology ward and handed out eggs to lots of inspirational children fighting Cancer. Some were just months old. The children enjoyed the visit and lots of smiles and did their own personal recordings from the visit. We all signed autographs as well.

Matts Mission Charity trip- Ethan and Kai Thompson.10 January 2012 - Taken at Wolverhampton Grand.

Collected in the Hummer and took to pantermine to see snow white and the seven dwarfs which they really enjoyed, they all had a life saver sword each and had photos taken and a signed programme by the cast that was done as special treat for them. Both Ethan and Kai are fighting Cancer.

Angel's & Family surprise trip to watch Blues v West Ham 27 December 2011 - Taken at Birmingham City FC.

Angel and her family who are all mad blues fans taken to watch them play on boxing day, they all had a great time and said it made there christmas and Angel enjoyed the loud noises when Blues scored. The familiy were taken in the Hummer.

Matts Mission Charity trip - Winter Wonderland 24 December 2011 - Taken in London.

Five families taken to Winter Wonderland in london Hyde Park to see santa claus on christmas eve, as well as Ice Skate and Circus and Wheel and Ice Kingdom and rides and food for all as well as gifts. Amazing day every one had plenty of fun.

Matts Mission- Ben & Brooke Hummer/Circus surprise trip. 23 December 2011 - Taken at Star City.

Surprising two amazing children and there families for a special Matts Mission Charity trip to the Circus in their very own Hummer to get there in style, they also seen the circus and met the performers inside the ring before being taken back home in the evening, the children's words were ''thank you matts mission for making me smile, best day of my life'' It was great as Batman and Robin burst into the kids home and met them for the first time and to see their reaction was priceless.

Hospital Visit with presents for all the children from Batman and Robin. 03 December 2011.

Presents for around 18 kids on ward 2 at Birmingham children's hospital, amazing special children was great to see so many smiles. Batman and Robin went to Toys R Us and purchased lots of gifts and a visit was arranged by staff and parents on the ward. Lots of toys given out and signatures to the kids from the duo.